Prison slang. The process by which a male inmate through violent coercion is transformed into a female-typical or passive sexual role. Specifically, a person is said to be "turned out" when constant intimidation, battery and rape changes the identity of the inmate--including appearance, mannerisms, sexual orientation and even gender identification.

A turned out inmate belonging to another inmate and who performs the functions of a girlfriend or wife is a bitch.

Men are turned out in prison so that heterosexual-identifying men may have sex without perceiving their actions as homosexual.
James was small framed and androgynous. Within his first week, his cellmate Cecil turned out James and now Jamie spends his nights as the little spoon in Cecil's bunk.
by John L. Morgan May 8, 2017
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To turn a good person with minimal or shy sexual experience into a freaky sex hungry nympho!
Yea shes hot..But shes a goody goody..I'll turn out this chic soon enough!
by bskillzz February 17, 2006
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To take a good girl and make her a slut/whore
Ma nigga I turned her out last night she can't get enough of me turned out
by little tiny crackg June 30, 2018
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to lead a woman into prostitution. this is somewhat archaic - term possibly more in use in the 70's-80's
"Like other girls lured into prostitution at a young age, the one known in court only as A.P. will probably suffer for a long time.

And the man who turned her out, putting the runaway on the streets of the District at age 12 to turn tricks, should suffer just as long, a federal judge said yesterday."

usually, when you turn out a girl she becomes your whore, and then you're her pimp.
by stendhalismo April 1, 2006
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When u get a good girl, or good boy, and turn them bad (sexually), or into a sexual freak. and they cant get enough of it.
Yo u still wit vanessa??

Yea, why??

Man u know she all "goodie goodie" and shit. U hittin it yet??

Man i took her to my crib, and turned her ass out. Now she steady jockin on my dick, 24/7. Nigga we can be, ANY where in the house, and she push me up on the wall and hit her knees. Im tellin you. She got Turned Out.
by dell2425 August 15, 2009
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someone who got butt-sodomized in prison -against their will-
Tyrone: Hey Juan, that new guy Beecher sure was easy pray. I caught him in the shower and turned out his bitch ass when he dropped the soap.

Juan: Hey homes that guy was my bitch, you owe me now dog!
by Dark Lord of the Anus October 20, 2005
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The act of being anally raped by a gang in prison.
Joe was "turned out" in prison.
by SuperSonicX September 6, 2006
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