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The ability/gift of being able to detect homosexuality in other people.
Woah! Look at that guy. My gaydar is going crazy!
by Bungalow Bill December 05, 2001
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the ability to sense--without being told and without obvious visual clues--that someone is gay.
Female A: He may be fine as frog hair but you won't get anywhere with him because he's gay.
Female B: How do you know?
Female A: 'Cause I've got GAYDAR!
by Elaine E. July 16, 2008
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A sense that allows for someone to detect homosexuality in another
That one registered a blip on my gaydar!
by Brenna August 08, 2003
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Extra sensory perception that allows one to immediatey know who is a homosexual.
Origin: The combination of the words "gay" and "radar".
Harry set off my gay-dar.
by Allora December 02, 2003
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The gift of being able to sense the homosexual vibe.

Extended form : Gay Radar
He's flaming!--Told you there's no stealthing my Gaydar!
by ~SS August 07, 2005
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GAYDAR. Short for Gay-Radar. The ability to tell when someone near you is homosexual, even if they have given no obvious indications of being so. This is an ability usually possesed by homosexuals and their fag-hags.
It's like Spiderman and his Spider sense. He can just "feel" when there is danger nearby. Gaydar allows you to "feel" when there is gayness nearby.
by Stacy August 06, 2003
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Same as Radar but detects the flame within a man....aka his gay-ness. You must be extremely blessed to have this ability. Often called the 7th sense, Gay-dar can do wonders for you.You must be one with the flame to fully accomplish Gay-Dar
**"Whoa that guy is flaming...he is definately light in his loafers."
**"How do you know he is gay?"
**"Uh hello?! Gaydar...psh get with it, gaydar tells all."
by C Babi June 23, 2004
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