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the m'f'ing G.O.A.T.
1985 ROY.
1988 defensive player of the year.
3 time all-star mvp.
10 scoring titles.
6 finals mvp's in 6 championships.
1987, 1988: the dunks. champion.
by yawn February 06, 2004

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What humans do during 1/3 of their lives.
by yawn March 08, 2003

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A beautiful girl who you enjoy talking to.
My night would've sucked if I didn't meet Demi!
by Yawn June 09, 2013

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one, usually a male, that masturbates using both of his/her hands.
it's a good thing i'm a switch hitter, because my arm was eaten by a dumpster last week.
by yawn April 14, 2004

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