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the keypresses which spell "bitch" when using Rapid Text Entry on your cell phone, but RTE does not allow "swear-words" so you end up with "chuci"
(sent as a text message) "86 the club, we rnt on the list& the guestlist grl is a door-chuci"
by brooklyn516 August 18, 2004
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After doing your substance of choice, the point of time between the high and the crash at which you've passed the point of no return, and no additional amount of substances will keep you going.
(Responsible partiers take note: it would be wise to NOT WASTE ANY MORE OF YOUR SHIT at this point, recognize it for what it is and call it game over already! You'll only be mad at yourself later, like on Day 3...)
I could rail that whole bag, but it won't help. I'm goin' down.
by brooklyn516 September 20, 2004
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same as "on my back" or "in my face", when other people won't leave you alone and are bugging the hell out of you, particularly when it concerns something you have already taken care of, something you are completely aware of, or is completely under control.
I just got here and already like twelve people are on my jock!
by brooklyn516 September 20, 2004
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leaving the last afterhours when the sun's been up for hours, and all the "regular" people are out and about doing whatever it is that they do all day, and you've been up all night partying, in the same sweaty club clothes for HOURS, and you have to squint cuz its so frickin BRIGHT outside and who knows where your sunglasses are, and everyone's STARING at you cuz they can tell you're still probably really a liiiiiittle too fucked up to be seen outside in the daytime just yet, so you're not making eye contact with ANYONE, and you just wanna be HOME with the blinds closed but its soooooooo... farrrrrrrrr... awayyyyyy and there's no cabs and everyone's still staring at you and you can smell yourself and DAMN you STINK and what the hell were you thinkin anyway you shoulda left a long time ago under cover of the darkness of the night, or at least before the damn sun came up, instead of waiting til all the drugs ran out and it became obvious that no one had any more, or if they did they weren't gonna share 'em with YOU.

Best when performed in an outfit consisting of black pants with the word "FUCK" written ALL OVER THEM, a cheap-looking white fake fur coat, purple aviator club glasses and the smudgey remains of fuschia lipstick, and accompanied by a very tall gay man dressed in black leather pants, a black sleeveless shirt, Dior "badass" sunglasses, smeary black eyeliner and streaky bronzer residue.
I wish a cab would come already so we don't have to do the walk of shame past the church, the police station, McDonalds, Starbucks, Borders, and the gym! Ooh, wait, Starbucks... caramel macchiato, anyone?
by brooklyn516 September 20, 2004
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sexual orientation toward oneself; that is, preferring self-gratification over other forms of sexual activity. Often occurs as a result of numerous failed attempts at interpersonal relationships, leading the individual to make a conscious choice to become autosexual rather than face disappointment and frustration yet again.

May be observed with greater frequency in the near future as a result of the "Metrosexual Backlash," due to NO ONE being able to even BEGIN to guess the orientation of attractive, well-dressed males anymore!!

Numerous advantages to autosexuality include:

- no risk of pregnancy
- no risk of STD's being transmitted
- able to 'get lucky' every time at the bar or club
- the sex is always good
- no relationship issues like jealousy or cheating partner

... need I say more?

I mean, are there ANY bad things about it?
"God love 'em, but those damn metrosexuals have really fucked up my game to the point where I've decided it's way better to just be autosexual!"
by brooklyn516 August 18, 2004
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extremely fucked-up from substance over-use. Also can be used to describe the appearance of an individual who is extremely fucked-up.
Grrl 1: Man, did you see Shanella last night? That whore went way beyond hot mess!

Grrl 2: Yeah, I know, she was complete cocktail grease by the time we left the club!
by brooklyn516 August 18, 2004
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adjective used to describe people who are showing effects of GHB. Commonly followed by the word bitch, as in "swirly bitch"
We dosed and then got all swirly.
by brooklyn516 September 20, 2004
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