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mixture of assorted powdered drugs. May include meth, coke, crushed ecstasy tablets, and K - if its been prepared by a circuit boi, probably contains Viagra as well.
Preferred by some because you get a little bit of the effect of all of the above at the same time, without too much of any one substance.
I've got a bumper full of trail mix, so you know we'll still be goin' hard at afterhours when the last of these tragic spent whores is trickin for one more bump.
"Who wants trail mix?!?!?!"
by brooklyn516 September 20, 2004
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bitter, jaded, cynical, cold, heartless homosexual.
Yeah, he's hot, but I went on a date with him and he's a big ol' snow queen.
by brooklyn516 September 20, 2004
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adjective used to describe people who are showing effects of GHB. Commonly followed by the word bitch, as in "swirly bitch"
We dosed and then got all swirly.
by brooklyn516 September 20, 2004
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written documentation of the proceedings of a party. (The party's "minutes", so to speak) Mainly includes profound words of wisdom spoken under the influence of whatever legal or illegal substances are present, such as "Where'd all these robes come from?" (Natasha, 3:25 a.m., 3/22/03)
As the night progresses and people become "sketchier", the term becomes increasingly relevant to the contents of the book.
Upon reviewing the book at a later time, if you are able to decipher your own scribbling, it can provide fabulous material for ridiculing the other partygoers for their wacky antics and genius-like wisdom.
Person 1: Wait, what? Wait, say that again so I can write it in the sketchbook...
Person 2: Ok... wait... was I talking just then?
by brooklyn516 September 20, 2004
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phenomenon which occurs when straight women begin to realize that perhaps men who spend more time and money on their hair/skin/clothes than they do, are not exactly what they wanted after all. Mom always said "be careful what you wish for, you just might get it!" and damn if she wasn't right!

Phase 1 of the Metrosexual Backlash first results in the "metro" receiving the exact OPPOSITE attention response that he was hoping for. Instead of gaining increased attention from prospective partners, DEcreased attention results due to the inability of said partners to ascertain the orientation of the "metro".

This leads to Phase 2 of the Metrosexual Backlash, an increase in autosexual behavior among, interestingly, both straight women and gay men, both of whom experience frustration at not being able to identify the "metro" as part of their dating pool.

Phase 3 has yet to be clearly identified, but it may include an increase in the frequency of friendships between gay males and straight females as they form alliances dedicated to determining the orientation of "metro" men.
I used to think those pretty metro boys were so hot, but lately I find they're just too much. Damn metro's, bet they weren't counting on the backlash, 'cause I ain't got time to be with a guy who's spending more time getting ready than I am!
by brooklyn516 August 18, 2004
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when a person is falling deeper into a K-hole or other drug-induced state of incoherence and stupidity, and they start to slump over and eventually fall out of their chair, landing on the ground. At this point, they are also for the most part unable to communicate and just stare blankly (if their eyes are open). Also occurs when your roll kicks in hard, and first you have to stop dancing and stand still for a minute, cuz you just wanna FEEL it, then you just have to sit down, just for a minute, then your head's tilted back with your eyes rolled back in yer head fo' DAYS!!!! If you're not at a club or other public place you might get kicked out of, usually progresses to sitting on the floor and leaning on the wall or furniture, and maybe even to just laying on the ground or one another, sprawled out cuz you're goin' THRU it!!!
Those K-whores put so much shit up their noses, I just sat back and watched as, one by one, they all started to go to ground.
by brooklyn516 September 20, 2004
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when the party is o-v-e-r. Because you've run out of stuff or run out of money; because its Monday morning; because you're goin' down; because its Day 3; because everyone else left hours ago; because the wife/husband/g-f/b-f is pissed; because its interfering with your ability to have sex, etc etc etc.
Dude, its 6:45 a.m. and you have to be at work at 7! Put down the pipe, game over already!
by brooklyn516 September 20, 2004
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