When you fuck a bitch with a fat ass but she ugly so u put a ski mask on her face
Aye bruh she kinda thick but I’m finna ski mask it on god
by BBQJuice March 30, 2019
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what you put over your head when doing a housecall (hole for the eyes, nose, and mouth)
by dakarai April 5, 2003
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What happens when you give someone a facial that goes around both eyes and the mouth
I shot it on her face, but she could still see because I gave her a ski mask.
by Mr Pokey January 10, 2005
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What the dumb people on the western side of the atlantic ocean call the garment correctly referred to as a "balaclava"
Why do I need to give an example?
by Dirge June 11, 2004
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When a man places his underwear over his partners head and then receives oral sex through the slit in the front of the underwear.
That girl last night blew me but she was really ugly so I gave her a ski mask so I wouldn't have to look at her
by CocoSantango September 18, 2010
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A very "hood" way to make to make a living, By robbing anything that makes money.
Curtis: How did u afford to have me mom?
Curtis's Mom: Ski mask way hun....now eat your broccoli
by THE DarkNight August 30, 2005
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Ski mask beast is used to define Austin wokock, aka my boyfriend. He is mean to me sometimes but always makes up for it. Get yourself a goated austin
Oh my gosh! Did you see ski mask beast being mean to his girlfriend?”
by WankoffbobRoss June 6, 2020
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