The person that makes other people laugh in exchange for the person that is getting bullied freedom and then they end up a school shooter so congrats you played yourself you FUCKING SHORT DICK HAVING ASS PUSSY ASS NIGGA FUCK WRONG WITH YOU BOY CATCH THESE ELBOWS LIL NIGGA
School bully- *pushes kid into locker* you stay there and don't you even move a muscle

Me- This little white boy really wanna catch these hands if he tries some shit on me
by Ittz_Random May 25, 2018
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They have this person in every school. The "super manly dude," and/or the girl who wears way to much makeup for anybody to be even half convinced that she isn't plastic. Both of them beat people up, but female one is often depicted doing it in the bathroom. This person does not have to be in high school.
by KittenCandy April 8, 2020
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A student that makes fun of others and says crazy shit, like threats about shooting up schools. This person is so unpredictable that every time you hear a loud noise you duck to see if she was bluffing or not.
A School Sh-Bully is Teacher -"Seems like (Person's Name) didn't come to school today"

Students-"Oh Shit"

*Loud Noise in hallway*

Student #1-"EVERYONE GET DOWN (Person's Name) WASN'T BLUFFING"

*Turns out some one just dropped there binder*
by mannnerss May 7, 2018
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a.k.a the public school you pay for, the school is soo desperate to comepte with IAC powerhouses (prep and landon) that they give away athletic scholarships all the time. Their girls are their boys, and its soo sad when their guys cant even get with their girls and their excuse is that their girls are ugly
Hey look its Bullis, i mean the public school people pay for, i mean the school that sweats prep and landon soo hard, yeah thats bullis
by BearsOn3 February 24, 2005
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This school kicked Landond ass in basketball this year. Landon is just trying to trash us becasue they lost. They think they never lose in every sport in reality they are only good at lacrosse
Landon Kid: damn bullis beat us, there damn good
Bullis Kid: yea i mean now would be a good time to get on ur knees and suck my dick. Thanks
by bearstakeituptheass February 24, 2005
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The only school a child reared in Potomac should attend. Landon is for white bread corn huskers who come from slave money. Prep is for catholics who are just average at everything. Clearly, the other people who have posted about Bullis are jealous. Have you ever been to Landon? The school smells like jock strap and the facilities are so decrepit you would think they havent spent any money on the school since the slaves build it.

And talk about dysfunctional... this is a prime example for not sending your child to an single gender school. All the kids have anger management issues and are completely socially inept. Same with Prep, except they all grow up to be child molesters like the priests educating them. If you want your child to be good at lax (a sport that has no future might I add), then send them to prep or landon. Otherwise, you'd be better served sending them to a real school like Bullis.
Prep kid: we are awesome at lax
Landon kid: no, we are awesome
Bullis kid: who cares? mow my lawn you peasant
by eatmyfeces March 11, 2005
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Whoa, you beat Landon in basketball. Sorry that you lose to Landon in most sports, at least the ones that matter like football and lacrosse. The only reason you win in b-ball is because you bring in some black kids from innercity DC that have 40 inch vertical leaps and have been playing basketball all their lives. If you want to be proud that you lower your academic and social and economic standards to win a game of basketball every winter.

now...yes, as someone mentioned, it is a public school you pay for. bullis and churchill, while both good schools academically and socially, are the exact same pretty much. they even have the same mascot. the difference is that bullis costs $15K a year and churchill is $0.

bullis's girls, while trashy sometimes, are hot. the problem for bullis guys is that these girls HATE bullis guys, and i dont blame them. the girls tend to sweat landon and prep guys, and some st albans.

the first post, which tried to say bullis is classy...i laugh at. they describe how bullis kids wear lilly pulitzer and lacoste and polo and brooks brothers...ok. that doesnt mean you have class. any nouveau riche family can go to the mall and buy some polo and brooks stuff. that doesnt mean you have class. bullis kids have money, and some of them are old money, so i dont want to rag on you all too much, but that girl is making out that bullis is as "old money" and "preppy" as landon and St albans, which is blasphemy. landon and STA are clearyl the front runners in this department, although bullis isnt at the rock bottom.

all said: bullis is a fine school in most respects, although you could do a lot better (landon, Gprep, St albans, gilman if you are close enough...)their athletic, social, and academic standards are solid but definitely inferior to landon and preps and st albans'.

and by the way, flipping your collar is old now, because all these kids who shouldnt be doing are doing it, so its out of style.
At a party:

Bullis girl 1: wow, is that a bullis guy? he almost looks like a landon guy...should i hook up with him?
Bullis girl 2: nah, theres a real landon guy over there, why dont u work some game on him? you might need to get him a beer or five so he overlooks your various STD's though..
by DC priv school expert February 26, 2005
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