you hear ski mask’s new song?

yea it’s swirly
by bruh91011 October 06, 2018
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a french-canadian-indian. whose words count for 3 different continents, thus is always right internationally.
That damn swirly is always coming in here with all the answers. I oughtta give him a black eye!
by Whoopi Goldberg April 26, 2007
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Aka. Crystal Meth- name coined from the description of the calm, quiet, cool, delicious, twisting and twirling of meth in a sweet puff, glass rose pipe....illuminated by your lighters flame, in the darkness of your bedroom, as you crouch in the corner while your missus is sleeping, sniffing or coughing to mask the click of the lighter...all the time trying to appreciate the hypnotic sigh of the swirling white smoke, while listening to the soundtrack of your own heart beat which is deafening in your ears as you get higher and higher.

But it is better than listening to the voices prolonged-use tends to amplify in ones mind, when your a few days old.
Person 01; "Well lad; what you doing for the night?"

Person 02; "Right lad; got a few points of SWIRLY here, so gonna sit back and wait for the misso to fall asleep and I'll smash em the QT.
Not interested in sharing with her...but I will rub one out on her body while shes sleeping...all the time thinking bout her younger sister.....as usual.
Wanna drop in??"
by GraBallz March 11, 2019
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1) A nickname for a pure legend
2) A type of sexual act two homos would do
1) only swirly would do that!
2) dude, the thought of them doing a swirly is sick!
by theswirly November 17, 2003
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To urinate on the floor while shaking your hips. Often done with other people.
by Swirlieman27 May 16, 2020
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Name def: A person you either care about or is special to you (can either be used romantically or platonically)
Nate: No one I've ever met is like you, I love you swirly.
by burnerino December 24, 2020
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