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The lunch you "get" when you piss off your waiter at a Greek restaurant.
I went to Greek restaurant for lunch, but after sending back my Falafel with Tzatziki, what I got back tasted a bit more like Balafel w/Testziki.
by Lauribabe & Harley May 21, 2009
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Usually preceded with a hashtag, you exclaim to your religious subordinates “Happy Fucking Friday Motherfuckers” and then leave for the weekend early.
Mr. P left early for the weekend. He was probably going to a Bible study. When he left he said #HFFMOFO. He waved and walk out. What does that even mean?
by Lauribabe & Harley May 28, 2021
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When a pre sweep is required prior to painting a home or small area. You know it will be swept, but once the sweeping has bee completed, it has been properly Swepted.
Joe, apartment #502 is swepted. Ready for paint.
by Lauribabe & Harley September 29, 2020
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PYHO is an acronym like LOL, ROTFL or BRB.

PYHO stands for "Pull Your Head Out".
If you would PYHO you could get through your math finals and not have repeat High School!
by Lauribabe & Harley May 21, 2009
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