a spot on the body that responds pleasurably to a to a touch or caress
Rusty sighed with pleasure when his wife kissed the sweet spot on his neck
by Unreal Calibur May 30, 2007
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On the male anatomy, the most sensitive spot on the penis (the underside where the head and the shaft meet). In uncircumcised men, this area is often referred to as the frenum or frenulum.
Mark had an intense orgasm when he used a vibrator on his sweet spot.
by mickey f May 3, 2008
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the place in a room where one can experience optimal enjoyment of the speaker configuration.
"Milo has been standing in the sweet spot of his living room all day listening to that Fleetwood Mac record on repeat."
by carter_s October 23, 2006
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a woman's clitorus


a male's prostate gland, in which being probed in gay sex through the anus forces the guy to ejaculate without touching his dick, like in the movie "Road Trip"
"last night I nailed Rita's sweet spot, that bitch was screamin for days."

"last night John nailed Matt's sweet spot, he nutted all over his stomach."
by Sir Titsalot May 13, 2006
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The patch of skin between the asshole and the balls; also known as the chode or gooch.
Johnny was bent over looking at somthing on the ground, so I ran up and kicked him as hard as I could right in the sweet spot.
by Nankerphelge November 12, 2003
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A spot on the human body that, if pierced, will kill a man within a few seconds, if not instantly. An example would be the abdominal aorta, located to the left of the spine, fourth lumbar down. Bleed to death in under ten seconds if stabbed there. Another would be at the base of the skull, top of the spinal column.
You want to take him out in one hit? Aim for a sweet spot.
by FunkRenegade August 20, 2005
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When you're the perfect amount of intoxicated by any substance or drug. Not too high/drunk, but not too sober either.
How was the party last night?
It was perfect, I stayed in the sweet spot all night.
by Maggyisswaggy March 1, 2020
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