a (girl) who is very good at making comics/puns and is usually decently popular among social networks
wow i wish i was like her shes such a frenums
by exsqueeeeeze-me October 14, 2013
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Also called a Jacob's Ladder, it is a series of surface piercings along the underside of the penis. Can accompanied by a hafada ladder and/or a gouche ladder
Dude, do you think if I got a frenum ladder, the chicks would want me to fuck them more?
Probably, but do you really want to broadcast that you have metal in your dick?
by SoulfulZen January 17, 2006
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The piercing of one's Frenum or Frenulum, located at the underside of the penis where (if uncircumsized) the foreskin attaches to the head of the penis. If circumcised it's directly under the head of the penis, where the head meets the shaft.

This type of piercing is second in popularity to the Prince Albert.
A Frenum Piercing would be right there
by NeonEthos July 24, 2008
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