Lumber in warcraft 3, also collecting record amounts of lumber for the hell of it.
OMG!!! We need more teh lumbar!!! MAEK TEH GOOS CHOP TEH WOOD!!
by iopq May 8, 2004
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The term to the collection of lumber in Warcraft games.
OMG WTF???? WE NEED THE 1337 LUMBaR!!!!111
by kevin April 19, 2004
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a person whom arches thier back to make thier butt look big. while in the process, thier back gets used to being in that postion and that my friend is lumbar lordosis
woah samantha you got lumbar lordosis head ass. its not that serious. her: stfu at least my butt is bigger XD
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A pun based on the word, Lumberjack, this phrase describes the act of masturbating and ejaculating onto the lower back (or lumbar region) of a woman.

Commonly performed by chiropractors while performing spinal adjustments.
This hot patient of mine wanted her spine adjusted so I took the opportunity for a quick lumbar jack. Ya, she sued, but I kept my license to practice.
by Reddition May 16, 2011
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A tattoo on a woman's lower back. Usually used as a defense against accusations of having a slutty tattoo.
Dude: Nice tramp stamp!
Slut: It's not a tramp stamp! It's a lumbar motiff!
Dude: Whateva slut!
by HogHedge October 30, 2011
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A pish in a popular mobile game called clash royale. Normally used by a gay human who will clearly never feel the touch of a human( your uncle doesn't count) . He most likely still lives in his mothers basement, and will remain there till the end of his days
Gary: Hey tom i crushed u with thaf lumbar loon push haha, u suck

Tom: is that your uncle back there? And y does he have an ominously sticky looking sock
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An overused diagnostic test from the show "House" used similar to the meme barrel roll.
DO A LUMBAR PUNCTURE!!!!11DO A LUMBAR PUNCTURE!!!!11 do a Lumbar Puncture !!!111!11!!!!1!
by shiruig again December 8, 2008
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