An area of your back that cannot be referred to by using specific terms such as muscle, tendon or vertebrae.

Coined by Mike Tyson.
"I broke my back... my back is broken" "Spinal."
by JCS Bricks December 12, 2005
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Spinall(Pronounced spin-all) is a suffix used to indicate that the certain individual suffers from retardation or is just really stupid. Spinall can also be put onto the end of any word to add emphasis to further ridicule the person, and due to the nature of the word is can be put onto the end of nearly any word.
For instance "Oh god, here comes Kylespinall" "Yeah he is a proper Dickspinall"
by THE HUEMASTER December 16, 2014
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When another person's spine is protruding and pressed against your body. This also applies with elbows and knees.
As Charlotte pressed her body back against Nick, he could feel her skinny, bony frame poking into him. "Charlotte, you're so spinal!"
by The Little Bear February 17, 2018
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Spinale is a great Italian last name which refers to a white style pizza with spinach, artichoke, and mozzarella cheese. Paulo Spinale became king in 1638 in Rome after marrying his wife, Sara Spinale. People with the last name Spinale are genuinely nice, funny, handsome and quiet because they have a weird shaped tool in their pants. They also like playing hockey, drinking beer with their brother, and growing the occasional mustache. Spinale can also be a sexual move in which the female arouses her fellow partner orally, which is very common.
Spinale got on top of Sara and tickled her lower half with his bottom goatee.
I gave him such a nice Spinale last night.
by Huey Luey December 4, 2013
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adverb describing an excuse for an embarrassing loss or injury
by aladiesman August 25, 2008
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the act of fucking a chick so hard analy her spine pops/(breaks
for those pros out there)
some guy offered free blowjobs but i offered spinal instead
by andy burchfield October 2, 2008
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