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Tantra is not well understood in the western world, but is a key to healthy living and awareness that can transform you into the person you were meant to be.
The Sanskrit word Tantra is related to the concept of weaving and expansion- it derives from 'tan', meaning to expand, spin out, and weave. We weave the strands of our nature into a unified whole. Tantra takes the approach that one should not only not reject the body and its desires, but actually embrace them on the road to enlightenment. Tantra shares the view that sexual itercourse canbe a sacrament and a means of spiritual transformation. Tantra is the transformatin of vital energy in all its permutations ultimately toward the goal of spiritual attundement and enlightenment. In this context sexual relations become sacred.
The common view by most western men regarding sex is that you become stimulated, erect and ejacualte all in a short time for the relief of tension and for pleasure sake. It is a narrow point of view and leaves a lot to be desired for the powerful erotic energy that has the power to heal and transform. In tantra, ejaculation control is cultivated and you go beyond sex into a new realm of awareness.
by Marc Haberman March 14, 2005
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A proactive sexual practice of engaging in sacred sex with a partner or oneself can be your path to enlightenment and a focused life. There are many aspects to tantra beyond sex. It comes from yoga and meditation. You cannot go wrong with tantra. A part of tantra is the true art of sex and ecstasy.
The art of sex in American and other western societies has been lost. In discovering tantra you can regain the beauty of sex with another person and transform much of the negative effects of daily life.
by Marc Haberman March 19, 2005
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