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A nerdy, annoying person. A must-know word if you want to insult someone who only speaks 1337.

"Annoyotron" comes from the weird sci-fi habit of naming everything with a "tron" on the end (heck, there was even a movie called Tron.)

I for one, believe this is an awesome word and it should totally replace "Web 2.0" as the millionth word. ( I mean, c'mon- "Web 2.0"?! What kind of word is that?)
Nerd: 1 tot pwn3d @ Halo3 cuz ts l337 LOL!!!111!!

Me: Annoyotron!

Nerd: :(
by Aryan Person June 16, 2009

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A Nazi swastika. Use it when you don't want to offend old coots or nerdy teenagers who might actually know what swastikas wre originally used for.
Moron: Duuude, that swastika is real awesome! Too bad it's a white power symbol.

Jain Monk:By the Buddha, I am sincerely offended.

Me: It's not a swastika, you noob, it's a naztika.
by Aryan Person June 14, 2009

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A really pretty symbol, which is also fun to draw. In ancient times, it was used all over the world as a symbol of good luck and prosperity.

If I had an organization, then I would totally use a swastika as the symbol of it. But it turns out Hitler beat me to it.

So now the swastika has the exact opposite meaning of what it used to be- except for some random white supremacists.

Sometimes I just don't know about that Adolf.
Me: I love drawing swastikas- they're so pretty!

Jew: I HATE YOU, you Nazi!!

Me: Up yours!!

Jew: *sobs and runs away*
by Aryan Person June 13, 2009

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