used way back when and had to do with peace and prosperity. nowadays, any racist, white supremicist uses it to try and scare off people.

most people dont know that not all nazi's were racist also...most people just joined the political party because they needed food..
don't tatoo a swastika on your arm to think you're a nazi.
by jesus August 17, 2003
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Small town in Northern Ontario Canada. Routinely has to replace town signs.
We keep stealing Swastika's signs and they keep replacing them
by Hussar55 August 20, 2017
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As any know-it-all 15 year old will tell you, the swastika was originally an anicent Hindu symbol of good fortune and prosperity. However, it was used reletivly recently by the nazis and is still used by various hate groups. One would have to be very foolish to use the swastika with the anicient connotations. Would you wear a swastika armband to wish everyone else good luck?
"Intellectual" 15 year old-I have a swastika drawn on my comp book because it used to be an ancient symbol of good stuff.

Senseable Person-But now its a symbol of the Nazis, racism, and bigotry, and is offensive to millions around the world. Besides, its not like the swastika has had its meaning "reclaimed". Get rid of it before people think that you are actually a Nazi.
Think of it this way: Cadillacs used to be symbols of youth and wealth. Now they are symbols of old age. Does driving a Caddy make people think that you are young and rich? No, usually people see a Caddy and imagine that some old person is driving it. Same basic idea.
by JakeStar January 23, 2006
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the true meaning of a swastika, is it is just a cross doing a cart-wheel
priest: fuck you jew!(holds up a picture of a swastika)
jew: hey fuck you guy!
priest: hey hey hey,a swastika is just a cross doing a cart-wheel
by sam r i April 02, 2005
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A sexual position where one individual is bent over, leaning into an open oven and the partner is taking them from behind.
Yo bro, me and my girl did the swastika last night. Best move ever.
by Dicky MicHicks December 29, 2017
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