There aren’t any actual guidos (orange gorillas) from the Shore. If you see any at all, they’re fucking bennies from Staten Island.

Most Jerseyans talk like Phillidelphians; only the far northern ones talk like New Yorkers.

It’s Jur-zee, not Joisy, you little shit.

We all do say “cawfee, tawk,” etc. And many say “worter” instead of “wadder”.

We ARE the Garden State. Don’t be an ignorant prick and assume Jersey is full of smog and factories like Newark. The entire South and Central of Jersey are covered in forests, beaches, and farmland.

Taste our tomatoes, corn, and cranberries. They’ll change you.

Jersey drivers are used to jughandles, circles, and tons of exits. We can drive anywhere.

You bet we will hunt you down and call you a “fucking motherfucker” if you cut us off.

Shit’s expensive. A loaf of bread will cost your soul.

We cry heavily-taxed tears. We find comfort in: the Shore, Six Flags Great Adventure, and pizza.

On that note: Jersey pizza is the best pizza. In Seaside, slices are as big as your head (dead serious).

Major fact about Central Jersey: PINEYS EVERYWHERE. Look them up. In short, they’re northern rednecks from the Pine Barrens.

Porkroll, pizza, subs, bagels, Italian Ice, cheese steak, and coffee are the staples of our diet.

WaWa is love. WaWa is life.

A traditional, New Jersey only holiday: Mischief Night. The night before Halloween where we fuck up the town: slash all the tires, egg everything, and toilet paper all kinds of shit. Good times.
Ode to the Garden State:
Oh Jersey, I love thine concrete, graffiti-ed city blocks,

And densely packed suburbs, full of middle-class, football obsessed Italian families,
Your greatness by far outshines your neighboring New York,
Just look at your tons of hilariously sexual-sounding bodies of water: Hackensack, Mullica, Assiscunk, Ballanger, Ho-Ho-Kus, and Sluice,
Love is eating tons of pizza, fried oreos, and Rita's Ice, then riding everything on your wonderful boardwalks and puking the night away,
Those festive Halloween mornings in good ol' Jersey are not complete without walking out on your porch to a street of fucked up cars, smashed windows, and white streamers covering every roof panel of every house,
Dear, sweet Jersey, we will proudly display our "Jersey Girl" stickers on our cars and continue to tailgate New Yorkers until they fuck off in your honor.
by MuricanGirl August 2, 2014
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Jersey, Channel Islands. A small island between France and the United Kingdom, a member of the British Isles. The American state of New Jersey derives its name from there as its founders were Jersey people.
1: Hey, you from Jersey?
2: Yeah, its the best state in the whole country man!
3: State? I mean the island, you twat.
by LR92 April 25, 2011
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Strong intelligent woman. She is very funny, kind, and lazy. She is pretty, has a sexy body, and has the best style. She is not slutty. Sometimes she can be really mean but she doesn't mean it most of the time. She can make awkward situations less awkward by saying something extremely sexual and random. She has a quite sick mind but that's why you love her. She has a bubble butt. She is great in bed. She is loyal and gives out the best advice. She is perfect. She will make the best girlfriend,wife, and mom.
"Jersey's a lady in the streets but a freak in the sheets."

"Stop eating all my food and get your ass out of my bed, Jersey!"

"She is so damn sexy, she must me a Jersey."

"I will do anything for Jersey to notice me."
by Anadam625 November 2, 2013
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slang for the US state of New Jersey
They passed through Jersey on their way to Maine.
by The Return of Light Joker March 4, 2008
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smells better than NYC AND Philly.
Philly smells like armpit & NYC smells like sewage while NJ smells like pink flamboyant roses. =)
by KATHERiNE June 16, 2003
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British island located north of France in the English Channel. Belongs to the Channel Islands together with Guernsey, Herm, Sark and Alderney. It has a population of about 90.000 including immigrants from Madeira/Portugal and some Polish.
Due to its high independance from the UK Jersey has its own laws and taxation, and it is an off-shore finance center. Apart from finance, tourism contributes to the island's wealth.
Besides, Jersey has great beaches, lovely forests, historic castles and of course great shopping (no VAT!) and an amazing nightlife!!
New Jersey was named after Jersey!! (check in your history books if you don't believe me)
by Cafedeparis January 11, 2006
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