she's that girl that you can't keep off your mind. She's the most amazing girl you will ever meet and you don't know what you could ever do without her. She's too beautiful to even describe her as the most perfect girl in the world. You'll wanna hold her and never let go and when you kiss her you won't be able to stop. She's the sweetest girl that has an attitude like a baddie but also has a soft side she has the most amazing body you have ever layed your eyes on there's no other girl like her. All you have to do is look into her gorgeous eyes and you will fall in love.
by your babymomma March 25, 2017
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Being so certain of something, that you are willing to barter your soul with Satan.
Ernest: "How sure are you that you love Emily?"

Brent: "Certainically sure!!!"

Ernest: "DAMN MAN! She got a sister?!"
by abrendon67 July 24, 2014
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Example 1 (Exclamatory):
Tom : for certain! that's a nice ass

Example 2 (Response):
Tom : that's a nice ass
Paul : for certain!
by giraphe November 10, 2003
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to ensure, agree, or ask something, like for real or mos def
-She's hella sexy
-fa certain
by C-Hud August 22, 2005
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A celebrated, tri-weekly cartoon focusing on the lives of several elephants. It has been hailed for using repetition, irony, and smoking elephants to great comedic success. It is known as A.C.E. to its biggest fans.

Check it out, yo:
"Man, I just rofled for like 5 minutes after reading A Certain Elephant today!"
by Graham_965 February 10, 2009
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Someone who is hurtin' or appears to be hurtin, for certain.
Devo, you look like shit man. Yeah, I had a rough one last night. Pounded 'er back all night dude, really. Yeah definitely hurtin' for certain. Ouuuuuu
by battletoad12 August 8, 2010
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a phrase used by closet bigots to make reference to blacks, hispanics, or any other racial group the bigot dislikes; the phrase allows the bigot to get the message accross while maintaining a false facade of propriety
Our local schools were better twenty years ago -- since then, a certain element has moved in.
by Big Steve September 7, 2004
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