when you are outmatched in military and in tact or when you give in to your feelings.
Hitman Agent 47 surrendered in his latest mission when he was apprehended by two evil henchmen and duly surrendered to his desire for his handler Diana Burnwood.
by Jacobistan February 27, 2019
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1. The French National Pastime
2. A Cheap Trick song, which has nothing to do with the French, but rocks anyway
1. When we go over to Paris to stab Chirac in the back in return, they'll surrender with all arms raised.
2. "Mommy's all right, Daddy's all right/They just seem a little weird/Surrender, surrender/but don't give yourself away, ay, ay, ayyyy"
by Alex October 10, 2003
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Okay, Hitler. It's completely immoral and against our beliefs, but please, have our country.
by Vampiro October 6, 2003
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what you do when all is said and done

no more games, I surrender

Being a lover not a fighter

when you've been gone so long that all you want to do is come home

"Baby I need to come home"
surrender home lover
by kitty needs you August 29, 2011
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The Frence people......Je me rends- A phrase used commonly in the french vocabuarly (means "I surrender")
Those Damn Amercians..what? the germans are coming!....O blessed Amercians how i love thee
by P-Giffy November 8, 2003
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Widely considered an art-form in France basically becuase of their inability to do anything else save wine making...
This popular practice has recently spread to the middle east and more so in Iraq.
"Sir. We have captured a division of armed non-coallition troops durning our strike on Baghdad." (The manifestation of justice)
"Well, bring em in." (General ready to light some Iraqis up)
"Sir. You'll never believe what they said..." (swift hand of american justice)
"Well? Out with it." (Gen Uncle Sam)
"Bonjour..." (just american soldier)
by Ebot March 23, 2003
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