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Clothing that makes you free of judgements based on clothing by being constricting, uncomfortable and generally ugly.
We used to get demerits from the nuns for not wearing our uniforms properly.
by Vampiro September 11, 2003

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The only talent of The French.
Okay, Hitler. It's completely immoral and against our beliefs, but please, have our country.
by Vampiro October 05, 2003

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How actors down on their luck make money. Origin: Contractions of the words informational and commercial. Interestingly enough is neither informational, nor commercial.
And if you call in right now, we'll throw in this remarkable mock-leather carrying case, absolutely free of charge!
by Vampiro September 04, 2003

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the penultimate degree of awesomeness one can be. Origin: 'awesome' + 'fantastic'. See also Swalestastic
Oh my God, was that Poison concert ever awesometastic! Now let's go and have a snack.
by Vampiro August 24, 2003

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the ultimate amount of awesometasticity. (see awesometastic) Origin: Swales + fantastic.
Holy crap, that Poison concert was so awesometastic, it was Swalestastic!
by Vampiro August 24, 2003

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Random exclamation of approval. For best results, use after other pieces of slang, or after a your mom type insult.
Your Friend: "Boo yah grandmother!"
You: "Aww yeeah!"
by Vampiro September 04, 2003

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Elisa Guadalupe Lozano
El amor de mi vida...te amo con todo mi corazon
by Vampiro March 25, 2005

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