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Mathematical formula, which proves that a person's sole purpose is to justify his own egotism.


I is greater than U
L33t_h0x4ar: I>U
ch00b: OMG N00B AAH U LIE
L33t_h0x4ar has left the conversation
Ch00b: rofl xO pwned
by waffle December 2, 2003
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Rival black girl bands, who use their booties to gain popularity instead of their singing talent.
by waffle August 23, 2003
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A third person statement about an action carried out by the speaker to denote the recent performance of rhythmitic movement in the appropriate manner which is according to the second from lowest possible degree of assessment.
n00b: omg I just installed lunix for wind0ws!!
n00b: *does a little dance*
by waffle March 29, 2004
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The belief that no one should prevent people from influencing each other and that people should be able to express opinions and ideas without being oppressed.
I think that the government sux.

I have not been prevented from saying this, my government adheres to the values of liberty.
by waffle October 3, 2003
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To imply something lightly so that people think it but you have not directly said something.
I liketo chop a segment out of a melon and put the segment aside, i then like to lick the pink inside of the melon and drink it's juices. I was wonderring if i could do the same with you sometime?
by waffle October 9, 2003
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fl00b is someone with l33t hacc0r skillz and who uses them in an equally l33t and calm manner.
l33t0r : i r fl00b
faGG : RU GEIGH????
l33t0r : omg eigh faG, u will b h4x3d
faGG has left the conversation
l33t0r : ha ha n00b
by waffle August 23, 2003
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