american soldier

usually an asshole, has nothing better to do with his life

the modern day ones overuse the word hero, none of them really are

not all of them rape, but most of them do

not all of them kill innocent people for fun, but most of them do

not all of them are common thugs with a title, but most of them are

and fucking degenerates that run around and scream me, they do, i

live by them, i should know

always feel superior to you and will get pissed if not treated like a fucking god
american soldier: i make an impact when i come into the room. i just got out of bootcamp for the marines HOORAH, even though i'm stationed in california for the rest of my tour, im a fucking hero. HOORAH

random person: i hope something horrible over there happens so they can send you

off to die.
by xjarheadsrdegeneratesx March 19, 2013
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Anybody, male or female, in or of prior service to any one of the branches of service offered in America.
One of the most badass people on the face of the earth.
American Soldiers bust their asses everyday for you and your freedom.
They deserve the utmost respect from civilians, especially those Soldiers fighting on foriegn soil right now.
Thank you to all of my fellow soldiers.
anyone in the Army (HOOAH), Navy, Marines, Coastguard, Air Force.

all American Soldiers are my heros.
by jordankelsey October 20, 2008
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