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a very charismatic, dynamic and explosive person suddenly appearing in an environment
I never suspected he would go very far, but at age 25 he became a surger.
by Thomas Edward III April 03, 2005
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A surger is someone who partakes in the viewing of a television series within a short space of time. After hearing about a popular show or series after it has already been aired a surger will view most if not all episodes in the hope of becoming an overzealous fanatic of that show. A surger will claim they started watching the show from the beginning in order to attain the respect and admiration of fellow viewers. Surgers often thrive off the attention of others and the need to feel apart of a group or club. Do not be fooled by the powers of the surger as they may memorise and recite quotes or jokes featured from the show to prove their dedication and allegiance. A surger's knowledge of a show is often superficial and ostensible however a true diehard fan will be able to detect any unwanted surgers in a group.
Jake LH: Hey Tk

TK: Hey bro
Jake LH: 'Back up, back up, mind ya business that's all'. Hahahah how funny is that show its outrageous. I don't think anyone is a bigger fan than i.
TK: Shut up you pretentious fuck, you are the biggest surger out. Now leave Jake DTD.
by tkudimoney May 25, 2011
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