The place that fired Brad's wife after 11 years of service (on his birthday no less!)
Hey wanna get cracker barrel for dinner?

Not after they fired Brad's wife!
by bretata March 23, 2017
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Chain of resturaunts that is based on a country store gimmick that combines a fairly varied store that sells mostly woodwork such as chairs and a resturaunt that is known for it's southern country style. Very good.
I went to cracker barrel the other day. I bought me a rocking chair and Momma's Pancake Breakfast.
by Hobo Spider August 20, 2005
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A collection of white people forced to be huddled together in a small place, such as in an elevator or jury box.
"Jamal had no chance with his not guilty plea because the jury was a cracker barrel."
by The Quin March 15, 2018
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Its when you kneel next to the bed while you eat out a girl and you put your hands under her knees and rock her back and forth like a rocking chair so your tongue goes from vagina to ass and everything in between.
Last night he gave her the cracker barrel until her whole body was shaking
by DJL32304 November 19, 2011
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The president's staff at The Cracker Barrel released Michael Flynn's resignation letter as soon as the letter was translated from the original Russian.
by markód February 14, 2017
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