Used to insinuate something or someone is useless.
Sarah just ran into the wall, what a dynamic dude
My phone sucks, its so dynamic
by RainyPT September 20, 2022
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The perfect word, from the latin dynamica daniela, dynamic solely conveys all the utility of the english language. it carries on its back the ultimate power of symbolism in its inherent versatility and handy vagueness. Dynamic describes a condition or term in nearly every genre of human interest: rock climbing (dynamic rope, and the related amazing 'dynabe'), physics (aero-, thermo-), computer science (dynamic drive), relationships, (group dynamics, dynamic duo), etc. Dynamic also describes the state of a person who is wildy charismatic when intoxicated. The awesome singularity of the word is that it succeeds in describing itself.
Iris! Why are you walking around wearing only your booty shorts, silly? are you dynamic??
by dani huff September 21, 2004
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Two extremely cool people, who are very similar..but not. They beat out all other dynamic duos

by dynamicduo April 26, 2009
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A follow-on class to Statics that would be interesting and intellectually stimulating, except for all of the goddamn homework.
Me: I would feel like living another day, except for all of my dynamics homework.

Labpartner: Yeah, you're fucked. Just jump out the window.
by Disgruntled Engineer January 22, 2006
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The ability to move.
Sorry, no example. This word is such a useless construct...
by Zdenek July 2, 2004
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Dynamically Allocate; Used in Computer science when referring to memory as being allocated at run time rather than statically defined during compilation.
C++ has a compiler flag that permits the user to Dynamicate the memory at run time.
by Moshess January 15, 2010
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Dynamic is a word used for the description of how vibey a cat is. If a cat for example like Sissy is vibing on top of a roof, that is what we would call Ultra Dynamic, if a cat is just vibing on the floor it would be just a little bit dynamic.
The chonker cat that got snuck on the airplane was very Dynamic after all, he was just vibing 31,000 ft in the air.
That cat sitting on the floor was not very Dynamic.
by korsmixonline November 13, 2019
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