Something you say when shit is off the wall, comparable to saying thats sick, awesome, dirty, rad, insane.
A skater pulls of an unreal trick, you would say, "Man that shits infected, so infected its pussin."
by Kevin McR December 5, 2007
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Sarah had a fever, I think she's one of The Infected

I coughed in public today and people looked at me like I was one of The Infected
by [InsertName] December 2, 2020
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There are various cheats that will "infect" your system for a time as long as you don't go back to the dashboard or shut off the system. They can do things like aim-bots or super speed running. These are activated when you are killed by someone else who is already infected. Some can be fun, but like all cheats, some make the game unbearable and almost impossible to play like all shots are head-shots or Invincibility. These "infections" are most prominent in all the CoD's but have become less popular due to Activision actually doing something about it.
Gamer No. 1:(Playing CoDMW2) Dude I just got infected, now I got SuperSpeed!

Gamer No. 2: Man FUCK Infections. I keep getting SpawnTrapped GodDamnit!!1
by Snave Eel May 12, 2011
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The Infected are a race of rage infected humans that were bit by primates also known as monkeys that were infected with rage. Slowly but surely the world becomes infected with rage. Slashing and biting they mix their blood and saliva with the wounds of the victims, making them- infected!
by trombley December 2, 2003
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i cant believe no one defined this yet. the world is growing more and more retarded every day.......well, if you have to look this up, you are either a seven year old looking up innapropriate words with out your parents knowing or you are a douche.
the infection spread throughout the human race until there were no humans left to face the zombie takeover.
by starywind April 19, 2010
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(noun) a derogatory term used for an HIV positive person, usually a man; typically used in the gay community, it usually describes a person who has casual sex with other partners without informing them of their HIV status
You don't want to hook up with that guy, he's a total infect.
by joesmith40 September 16, 2006
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Something that has changed from good to bad, likable to unlikeable, usually referring to a person. Often, there is the possibility that said person is now a jackass because he has been replaced by The Thing.
MacCready and Palmer are friends. Palmer tries to kill MacCready and all of their other friends in their cool snow-fort.
Palmer is said to be infected.

Lynch and Larry hang out a lot. Larry stops calling Lynch for no reason. Larry is said to be infected.
by Hartwell June 25, 2006
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