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Something you say when shit is off the wall, comparable to saying thats sick, awesome, dirty, rad, insane.
A skater pulls of an unreal trick, you would say, "Man that shits infected, so infected its pussin."
by Kevin McR December 04, 2007
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Something that has changed from good to bad, likable to unlikeable, usually referring to a person. Often, there is the possibility that said person is now a jackass because he has been replaced by The Thing.
MacCready and Palmer are friends. Palmer tries to kill MacCready and all of their other friends in their cool snow-fort.
Palmer is said to be infected.

Lynch and Larry hang out a lot. Larry stops calling Lynch for no reason. Larry is said to be infected.
by Hartwell June 24, 2006
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One of the best songs in the history of Punk Rock Songs!!
Dude, my friend can play "Bad Religion - Infected" on the drums!
by Luke July 08, 2003
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