the term sup with a -pers at the end to make it more festive and unique.
Jack saw Jill and said, "suppers?"
Jill responded with a, "nothin much, how bout you?"
by palternative June 24, 2007
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Supper is the word used by the Hitchcock family to indicate that it it is time for Grant (aka Big G) and the rest of the supper patrol to eat what normal people call dinner.
"grant" *pause* "yes" *pause* "SUPPER!"
by Winston Armstrong August 15, 2005
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Something to be avoided at all costs

If someone offers you one simply say No Thank You
by Montiero is the worst Chris November 16, 2020
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1) A woman of the Korean variety
2) One doorless Jeep Wrangler
3) A truly WILD imagination
Guy 1: "Dude, last night was totally insane."

Guy 2: "Why? Wait, you didn't-"

Guy 1: "-Yeah, I did. My Wrangler is completely totalled after that Korean Supper we pulled..."
by SpaceHelmet69 May 25, 2010
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Glasgow term for a female, to have sexual intercourse with a man at dinner time or any other time she may be hungry.
aw man, am pure chokin for a boaby supper tonight
by janeybabes June 21, 2007
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Epic song of love and the Apocalypse, from the hands of Genesis in 1972, in the good old days when Peter Gabriel was fronting the business. 23 minutes of sheer outrageous clashing bliss.
Near-climactic line from Supper's Ready:

And it's hey babe / your supper's waiting for you ...,
by Fearman November 05, 2007
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