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The high one gets after consuming large amounts of sugar. Also called a "sugar rush." Sugar highs cause twitchiness, spasms, and hyper excitability. Sugar highs do not last very long, and leave a person feeling drained afterwards.
I spent the week after Halloween in a continual sugar high.
by Stephanie M. October 26, 2003
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Also known as a sugar rush

The intense physiological effect of consuming too much sugar or glucose, usually in the form of cakes, cookies and soda; eating excessive amounts of sugar makes the brain release dopamine and endorphins, often inducing a mild sense of euphoria and happiness. This is often accompanied by a strong surge of energy as the sugar hits the bloodstream.

Sugar highs often only last an hour or two, and as the level of glucose in the blood lowers it can often leave the subject feeling drained or unnaturally tired. If ingested with large amounts of caffeine, such as in the form of chocolate or cola, the subject can also become jittery, experience mild heart palpitations or suffer from temporary insomnia.
"Last night I ate so much ice cream I was on a sugar high for hours..."
by Snowblower99 March 02, 2006
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A sugar high, or sugar rush, is when you become hyper from eating large amounts of sugary foods. Signs of a sugar high are excitement, running and jumping around like crazy, talking quickly, and continuously eating sugary foods regardless of how full you are. Sugar highs are relatively safe, as pretty much the only risk is making you fat.


If you want to get a sugar high, do ONE of the following things. Doing more than one of the following things will make you sick from eating too much.

-have 3 or more of the packets of REAL sugar at a restaurant (my favorite method)
-eat 8 or more ounces of chocolate bars (can make you nauseous)
-have 2 or more sugar donuts

-spend the whole day chewing sugary gum (not tested)
-have 2 or more cupcakes
-eat a large amount of funnelcake (my second favorite)
-drink a large amount of soda (can be difficult to drink quickly enough)
-drink a glass of honeysuckle nectar (can be difficult to find enough honeysuckle, but works well)
Girl 1: *smiles a creepy smile and runs around* CAAAAAAAANDY!
Girl 2: What's up with her?
Girl 3: She's been eating chocolate bars all day.
Girl 2: She's lucky! I've been drinking soda all day but I never get a sugar high like that.
by sugarhigh2k15 January 10, 2015
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(n.) a phrase to desribe the crazy surge of energy one gets after having a large amount of sugar, similar to getting high but not as dangerous
Steve was acting a little crazy after he had too much candy; he must've been sugar high.
by LoverlyLola April 16, 2011
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A 'sugar high' is nothing more than the brain manifesting an imaginary state of hyperactivity and a 'high' because the "user" expects there to be one, not because it's actually there.
John Doe: I've got a sugar high
Jane Doe: Dude, sugar high's don't exist..
by Fox1337 March 20, 2006
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The phychological effect on the mind by eating to much sugar. While on a Sugar High, you will get a strong boost of energy, and it will also make you act happy, crazy, silly, and goofy. You may even want to eat more sugar. When the effects wear off, you will be drained out and very tired.
Person 1: Don't you feel like you had enough candy?

Person 2: No way man. Besides, nothing will happen to me anyways.
Person 1: Except you getting a sugar high.

Person 2: Ya right. (Eats more candy, and gets a very goofy grin on face)
Person 1: I knew it.
by Gamemaster2468 February 15, 2017
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