someone who is a little bit crazy, a little bit squirrelly
That dude just talked for half an hour straight about flying saucers and their connection to the tabasco sauce industry. What a nutbag!
by roger February 4, 2004
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A crazed female/male.
Or someome who act crazy/recklesss.
by SmolVag July 21, 2017
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A thot who gets nutted in relentlessly by every nigga on the block or in different scenarios such as school etc.
that hoe a nutbag she was just on snap fucking wit a nigga 2 days ago nutbag ass thot.
by TKBANZ May 12, 2020
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a donut you make out of a bagel soaked in bacon grease for three days
At the 7-11 my heterosexual pals bought some frtosted 'nutbags and we chewed on them before we played some b-ball
by improvmastah August 17, 2008
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The act of getting repeatedly punched in the nuts whilst being fellated.
She gave me a nutbagging the other night, hurt like hell. But I liked it!
by redder November 14, 2005
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A dead cat that used to be Jimmy's pet. But now Jimmy wants a dog.
Dad- Son, I have some bad news
Jimmy- What is it Dad?
Dad- It's about your cat, Poster
Jimmy- Poster Nutbag ??
Dad- Yes
Jimmy- What is it Dad?

Dad- ...Your cat DIIIIIIEEEEEEEDD !!!
by Poster Nutbag May 20, 2003
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