1. To masturbate.
2. To masturbate excessivly.
3. To masturbate after 40 days without tossing off because of Lent.
Dunker was eating chocoltae a lot after Lent ended, then got little bowed wowed.
by Kyle Warwick May 7, 2004
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Today let’s eat a lot of chocolate 😋
“Hey it’s May 14
OK, so?”
“It’s national Eat chocolate day”
by I will help woman May 7, 2021
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Means to release yourself of your burdens and enjoy simple pleasures and simblissity.
Don't wait for your life to be perfectly realigned, go ahead and eat the chocolate...NOW!

Now is now. Yesterday was a was. Tomorrow is something we can plan for and it may never come. So if the desire is to do something today, don't wait, Eat the Chocolate!
by suzgirl October 19, 2016
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Cool, Greater in the aspect of what set people are discussing.
Normally used to praise a person.
Earl Eat's More Chocolate than that dude.

Yo, that bitch eats much more chocolate than linda.
This shit is da bomb, it's eatin all the chocolate right now.
Doen gve me dat shit... your eating so little chocolate right now.

Urban posers tend to think it's funny to mock the people using the phrase in a sentence with correct grammar.

This equation eats quite a lot more chocolate than that algorithm.

You are in the negative chocolate eating area fella.
by TheMacMasta November 22, 2009
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