1. Arching shrubs or twining vines in the family Caprifoliaceae.

2. Alpha male teenager from rich family who enjoys humiliating or bullying defenseless younger kids; Charismatic young man from rich family who has a permanent antipathetic overconfident grin on his face and who acts exuberantly like a testosterone-driven imbecile.

French: chèvrefeuille
German: geißblatt
1. Luckily enough, my farts smells like sweet honeysuckle flowers.

2. That honeysuckle thinks having rich parents is a talent.
by Edgar Pruviance May 28, 2009
A male or female that requires a flavor enhancer to perform oral sex to mask the bodily taste. Typically chocolate sauce, caramel, whipped cream or other sweetener.
Tonya only sucks dick if she can cover it in Hershey’s. She’s a honeysuckler.

Your mom surprised me last night braaaaaahhh. She inhaled my sweaty balls after slickering them with strawberry sauce. Never knew she was a honeysuckler.
by Eaton Holgoode November 3, 2017
When you slap honey all over your cock then let bees give you the blowjob, because you’re too isolated to get a real girlfriend
Person 1: what did you do over the weekend
Person 2: i had some honeysuckle

Person 1: nice
by Short penis October 18, 2019
When a girl encases a guy's penis in honey and licks it off.
I am still sticky from that "Honeysuckle" last night.
by B@B February 17, 2014
When one woman removes by swallowing (i.e. 'suckling') the vaginal juices from another woman during cunnilingus. It is mostly a lesbian act, as the vagina can often end up nearly as dry as the start, a result most men do not want (penetration does not follow the act with lesbians)
Ohhh, I can't wait to honeysuckle her pussy later tonight!
by Diana J. August 2, 2008
When you coat your penis in honey and go into the woods with the intention of receiving a blowjob from a bear
Bob - How was your picnic Mick
Mick - fantastic, i took the kids for a honeysuckle
by sex move December 5, 2016
Waiting till your girl or Thot is sucking your engorged knob balls deep down her throat and jamming your finger in her ass without warning.
I have Rachel the Ole Honeysuckle Ham last night. You should have heard her gasping for air.
by Eaton Holgoode September 25, 2017