the quality or trait of suckiness, or just being sucky or the state of sucking
1. Ever since the Spice Girls hit it big, "teen pop" has ruled the airwaves and pop music has been awesome in its flat-out suckability.

2. TV today has a high degree of suckability.
by I Saw U2 Live Twice June 18, 2006
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The quality by which a penis is described in terms of how prime it is for being given a blowjob, or to be sucked at all. (factors include: length, width, etc.) *can be described in quantitative or qualitative terms*
Franklin: Thomas, how was your date with Megan last night?
Thomas: It went wonderfully, she sucked my dick.
Franklin: I'm not surprised, your dick's suckability is OVER NINE-THOUSANDDDDD!!1
by Sandra Lewis April 7, 2010
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the ability of a distinguished gentleman to get some out of this world head. Only certain men are suckable and they deserve out of this world head because they handle their business in a world class manner.GQ men are naturally more suckable than non GQ men.
Ryan Reynolds is suckable and deserving of some world class head.

Bill O' Reilly is not suckable and does not deserve ANY head, simply because he is Bill O' Reilly.
by E.Z. Sizemore November 23, 2010
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awesome. really cool.
the word "sucks" is used everywhere worldwide even though it refers to sucking dick. so the word suckable works the same thing.
Alex- i love that shirt
Andrew- yeah, its suckable
by Alex Einhorn November 10, 2010
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When a girl is kinda fine but you'd only let her suck your dick. Not much else.
Damn that girl Denyse is straight dick-suckable
by randombeanwisdom January 19, 2016
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Something that can be sucked.
Vampires need suckable blood to feed themselves
by 4ndr0meda January 16, 2017
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