Princess D, Almost offensively amazing!
OMG have you seen Denyse, Princess D, she is such a Bae!
by Tyco313 December 29, 2016
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A matriarch. I woman of substance that knows how to sweat blood to survive. Easily manipulated due to her good and caring nature. This lady can socialize with anyone. She is the life-line of her family and a protector. She always has time to listen, and is a shoulder to cry on. Although emotionally confined, she dreams big and enriches herself with whatever resources are available. Always willing to embark on an adventure and push through her boundaries. This undaunted gal is blind to limits and carries the world bravely on her shoulders. Life does not get her down. She's a homemaker and excels at crafts. A sturdy, headstrong, and unrelenting person. Resourceful at every opportunity and a fighter, Denyse never ceases to amaze. Easy to call friend with a heart of pure gold. Earthy materials do not matter to a Denyse, kindness and gratitude are her rewards. This is a peace loving soul who wishes well on all. Keep her close, she's a great companion.
If all the world could know a Denyse, how perfect life would be.
Everyone needs an Denyse is their life.
by November 22, 2021
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heii denyse....

well loOk soMeone FinaLly wrOte abOut yOu..... "HI GUYS" lol and "Heii N+++" lol your so coOl...
thanks for being such a great friend and for always being in a goOd moOd stay the same always and for ever!
by beba April 7, 2005
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Denyse is that person that when they show up to an event everyone is happy to see them
They are super funny, sarcastic and also makes dirty jokes from time to time.
Denyse is the life of a party, everyone loves Denyse!

They have a big heart, usually worrying about others and making sure everyone is happy!
They are creative and always trying new things
Denyse is also the kind of person if you lose them you will never forget them
Omg you know Denyse?”
Bro, Denyse is here”
by Dobby loves socks November 21, 2021
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