The only man the Boys would fuck with no socks
We would all fuck Ryan Reynolds if given the chance.
by Mr.Blob August 2, 2021
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Gay, straight, bi, ace, etc

Woman, Man, non-binary, etc

No matter who you are, no matter what you are, you simp for Ryan Reynolds and you know it.
1:”I simp for Ryan Reynolds”

2:”who the fuck doesn’t?”
by I just spit fax September 20, 2021
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1)He is Deadpool.
2)He is a God among men.
3)Even he makes fun of Green Lantern... because we all know it was a shitstorm.
4)He is fucking hilarious.
5)He is married to Blake Lively and we are all secretly jealous.
6)Follow him on Twitter... Like really guys it is worth it.
7)He fought to have FOX make the Deadpool movie for 10 years at the request of the internet.
8)When Deadpool was finished being filmed he STOLE THE FUCKING SUIT. Why? CAUSE WHY THE FUCK NOT?

9)He is a bad ass and will steal from FOX like nobody's buisness
10)The internet loves him. He deserves it.
Person 1: Who is Ryan Reynolds?
Person 2: We're not friends anymore...
Person 1: Why?
Person 2: Because you are an uncultured shit. Time to make the Chimi-fucking-changas.
by TheKingLives July 12, 2016
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1996 MTV Best Kiss Nominee Ryan Reynolds, a cocky-ass mf who likes to burn everyone (including his wife and kids) with pure sarcastic one-liners, a savage man.

2010's Sexiest Man Alive.

Full name, Ryan Rodney Reynolds. Youngest sibling of the family, born on October 23 of 1976, in Vancouver, British Columbia.

The guy who played the god above all, Wade Wilson a.k.a Deadpool.


GQ Man of the Year.

One of Time Magazine's 100 Most Influential People.

King of Twitter and sarcasm.

Owns the Aviation Gin company.

Loves Soju and Korean Pancakes.

Love/hates Hugh Jackman.

Hates Green Lantern, bc that was shit. Dropped bombs.

And the guy who's going to save the Marvel Universe.
Person 1: Ryan Reynolds a goddamn great guy, right?
Person 2: Dude, I would totally go down on him.
Person 1: Isn't that a homo thing?
Person 2: Stop being homophobic. Who knows? I'll do everything for that DILF.
by notsovirginwadewilson December 9, 2018
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A Canadian actor, who is one 🎤SEXY MOTHERFUCKKKKER🎤
Oh my god, you just went to see deadpool for the 2nd time? ME TOO!!! Let's sit and watch people interviewing Ryan Reynolds until the next showing starts. Lucky number three!
by catsy57 April 7, 2016
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