Someone who will kiss up to someone and literally do anything for them in order to get something from that person.
John: Hi Mr. kennington, I would love to shine your shoes or do a favor for you. Btw, I need to get my grade up in your class.

Mr.Kennington: stop being a suck-up
by John Kennington November 12, 2020
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(Noun). One who acts affectionately toward another so as to excel, usually because he cannot do so on his own merits.
(Verb). To be a suck-up. To suck-up. Sucking-up.
The graduate student was so good at sucking-up that he never had to worry about funding.
by somegoof January 19, 2005
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(n) Someone who says nice things which usually aren't true to another person for their own benefit.
Suck-Up- "OMG Alli you are so pretty!" can I borrow your diamond necklace?
alli: "Suck-up..."
by kickass777 February 7, 2010
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Someone who compliments everything because they want something for themselves, for example friendship
Prue Cooper. As in, Prue is such a suck-up
by Anonymous October 9, 2003
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Someone who does good stuff for you in the hopes that one might be suddenly endowed with all the wealth and generosity that you could possibly give (and usually are disappointed)
MAC: Dude, that guy gave you a brand-new Mini Cooper S with supercharger and NOS intake apertures?!
BILL: Man, what a suck-up, I know. He just wants me to let him date my sister. Like that'll ever happen, HA! But nice car anyway, so thanks to him!
by Ashton January 16, 2003
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Somebody who will generally do ANYTHING for another person, and they will agree to anything said by that person as well. They will never disagree nor argue no matter what. Also known as a sheep
Hey Omar, stop sucking up to Harry!
by Jimbob April 17, 2004
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A very good word to describe a thing a person does to get on their good side. Yeah I just said all that.
Don't be a suck up.
by Emerald Star November 25, 2020
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