when a man shoots his load around a womans neck area (thus resembling a necklace), but it is done outside during the winter and it freezes on her neck.
It was freezing outside, but I had to get my dick sucked. I left her with a diamond necklace.
by Ibe July 21, 2005
A scene trend. It is a necklace with a large crude, cartoon-like diamond sketch dangling from it (aka a scene diamond). They come in a variety of colors and sizes. Kiki Kannibal sells them in Kiki Kouture, but they can also be bought elsewhere. You can even make them yourself. There are many YouTube videos that instruct one on how to make their own scene diamond necklace.
Scene kid: I spent, like, a TON of money on this scene diamond necklace.

Scene kid 2: Really? I just spent like fifteen dollars.

Scene kid: O-em-gee really? I got mine from Kiki Kouture.

Scene kid 2: Oh, I got it from this other place online.

Scene kid: I didn't know there were other places...

Scene kid 3: Heyy, guys! Like my scene diamond necklace?

Scene kid 1/2: Wow! That's mad pretty! How much? And where did you get it from?

Scene kid 3: o_o I made it myself. I even made a video on YouTube showing how to.

Scene kid 1/2: WOW THAT'S SO RAD!!!!1
by Aquila IlyTequila Shotz September 5, 2009
Necklace that is ejaculated on a woman whose birthday is in April. The alternative to birthday pearl necklace.
Me- hey! You get your birthday pearl necklace yet?

Friend- I'm an April baby. We get an april diamond necklace
by Therealkittycat April 4, 2017