1. Good news or information
2. Good times
3. Commonly used when reminicing of the Good ol' days
Woo: I brought the drinks.
Trishi: Good stuff!
by TJane April 17, 2006
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Oral sex being performed on a woman.
Hey, honey, gimme some of that good stuff.
by B.Mike November 4, 2006
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Sarah: "uh uh oh baby"
Hannah: "Oh my god sarah your making me so horny"

Me: "Shit this is some good stuff"
by rockstarsuperstar2000 March 14, 2004
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good stuff
joey wong: im gay
me: guuud stuuuff
by good stuff January 13, 2004
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Name for marijuana. Although it can refer to any marijuana, it usually refers to higher grade weed.
"Hey man, did you bring any of the good stuff?"

by Some Random Mofo July 30, 2008
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A common phrase used to imply drugs of some sort. This 'slang' mostly relates to (the usage of) cocaine. Jokes made normally refer to transparent bags filled with sugar or salt and are followed by a gesture of snorting.
"Hey, gimme that 'good stuff', would you?"
"Where'd you get all that 'good stuff'?"
"Look at all that 'good stuff'," *Snort*
by Urban Sense November 11, 2017
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A phrase that is used to refer to several things when one is short on options.
You can add columns for height, weight and all that good stuff
by Ezino-x February 16, 2023
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