A very large penis that releases a large amount of sperm. Can also mean when a the male releases sperm whilst receiving a blowjob and the woman spitting out a large amount of sperm onto his penis.
"Yeah i totally gave Ali a big juicy cock last night"
"That Riaz guy totally has a big juicy dick"
by YourNansEmployer December 15, 2016
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Gymnastics is the only day that she was going on the day she had to go back and she had a good time with me and she was hard
Levis big juicy cock is very skinny
by Sebanwonderland June 16, 2021
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1) An African American male genitalia that is large, hard, and usually sucked by a white blonde female.
2) A delicious black male chicken.
Susan was sucking Tyrone's big black juicy cock all night last night.
I ate a very nice big black juicy cock at Tyrone's house last night after sucking his big black juicy cock.
by CheekyNandoKilian November 20, 2016
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A horse cock that is big and rather juicy.
After making sweet love to Jim, Sarah described his wang as looking like a big juicy horse cock. Whether this is a compliment or not is up for debate.
by Sexy McAssington January 8, 2018
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