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1. a superlative term describing a person who is accomplished or exceptionally noteworthy in a specific field or area of work, sometimes though not always within the environmental or green sector.

2. to call someone the Al Gore of an area or field describes a person who had once experienced a tragic loss or hardship, but then later went on to accomplish great things. Gore's presidential bid in 2000 was considered tragic because he had won the popular vote but lost the electoral college to George W. Bush due to highly suspicious voting irregularities in a state governed by the winner's brother.
1. My geography professor is the Al Gore of water. Every year, he travels to developing countries to help bring about improvements to irrigation for populations without safe sources of drinking water.

2. Dave Grohl is like the Al Gore of rock & roll. He experienced the sudden, tragic loss of Kurt Cobain and Nirvana, yet went on to front the biggest rock band in the world with the long-running Foofighters.
by D.S. Credito March 30, 2015

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a self-posted image to social media that features a flashy display of large quantities of money
What's up with the wealthy selfie? Who you think you are, P. Diddy?
by D.S. Credito March 09, 2015

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Kim Kardashian's other ass.
Kanye West needs to chill out at the Grammys. Beyonce doesn't need help from Kanye, or anyone else, for that matter.
by D.S. Credito March 19, 2015

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a term describing a controlled environment or situation in which people act or behave in ways that conform to roles pre-determined by a powerful person(s) who decides how the world is supposed to function.

Living on or within a matrix may also be referred to as "on the grid", with greater flexibility and choice available to those who venture off-the-grid.
After years of living a boring life, working 9-to-5 on the East Coast matrix, he relocated to Portland, Oregon, where he traded his car for a bicycle and started earning a living with his acoustic guitar.
by D.S. Credito March 12, 2015

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steady employment with fixed salary and working hours, as well as potential for growth and advancement. Having a real job may mean working in a field that is incompatible with partying, taking drugs, or assuming an otherwise unconventional lifestyle.
People with so-called real jobs might enjoy high salaries, but what they trade off is the chance to experiment and discover what they truly want out of life.
by D.S. Credito March 05, 2015

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1. an admirer of someone in a (more) powerful position.

2. an extreme supporter who gives attention and affection to a person who is already on a pedestal or otherwise popular.
They protest the government when Obama is in office, but when it was Bush in the White House, the Tea Partiers were some of the government's most dedicated asslickers.
by D.S. Credito March 04, 2015

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being obligated or required to make an appearance, regardless of what one desires to do.
Some people consider having to report for jury duty a form of conscription.

Having to visit my parents during the holidays feels like conscription. All their turmoil makes me wish I could just stay home.
by D.S. Credito March 02, 2015

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