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the excess pee that remains in the bladder after urinating at a urinal. For men, a possible solution to unreleased urine flow, which can cause a variety of health problems (including cancer), is to stand with pants dropped at or below the knees, or to pee sitting down. This can be problematic in public restrooms, for obvious reasons, but the long term consequences can be devastating.
The consequences of unreleased urine flow can range from a few drops of piss dribbling down the leg to full-blown bladder cancer.
by D.S. Credito March 22, 2015
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A person for whom masturbation is so vigorous an activity that, in the process of self-pleasuring nearby objects become broken or damaged.
My old roommate was a masturbreaker. His room always looked like there had just been an earthquake.
by D.S. Credito March 10, 2015
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treating non-family/non-relatives (i.e. friends, associates) like gold while regarding family members and relatives as dirt.
After years of putting up with his cousin's reverse nepotism, Brian finally snapped and cut him loose.
by D.S. Credito March 4, 2015
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a person who defecates, usually out of dire necessity, on public walkways.
When going out in L.A., you're lucky if you don't have to pay to pee. Therefore, it shouldn't come as a surprise when nature calls and a sidewalk shitter starts doing his business out in the open.
by D.S. Credito March 1, 2015
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abbreviation for 'truly gay environment.' A city, town or other general area where any and all sexual preferences are celebrated and encouraged, though not necessarily gay. For example, a person who spends enough time in a TGE such as the Castro District of San Francisco or Greenwich Village in New York will have a fuller opportunity to explore and understand his or her true sexual orientation than someone who lives in an environment where heterosexuality is the one preferred norm.
While San Francisco is thought of as being an ultimate TGE, as recent as the late 1970s it was a struggle for the city to elect its first gay mayor.
by D.S. Credito March 16, 2015
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when a faucet is kept open as slightly as possible, so that as few as five droplets of water per minute are released. This preventative measure is taken by tenants and homeowners during the wintertime, to keep the water supply flowing and avoid pipes bursting in subfreezing temperatures. During the coldest months of the year, apartment landlords often advise tenants to leave their faucets on a steady drip, which over an eight hour period may add up to a mere five cents in water costs.
Bobby didn't want to leave his faucets on steady drip, thinking he'd have a lower water bill this winter. The pipes at his apartment burst open, and now his landlord is holding him responsible for the damages.
by D.S. Credito February 22, 2015
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A fantastic type of cunnilingus in which the receiver of the oral sex experiences a feeling of ecstasy similar to being able to fly, as in, with wings.
That cunniwingus sent me up on to the clouds! My man really has that technique of his down to a science.
by D.S. Credito March 19, 2015
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