good music by Japanese hip hop producer. Mostly recognized from the anime Samurai Champloo.
Peter: What are you listening to man? it sounds awesome
Griffin: Nujabes.. its good music.
by gatorad3 January 8, 2008
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K2The2K's definition is incorrect. Nujabes was not an MC/Rapper.

Nujabes was a Japanese Hip Hop Producer who is best known for his two albums Modal Soul and Metaphorical Music and his work on the Samurai Champloo soundtrack.

His music blended Elements of Hip Hop/Jazz/electronica to create a unique sound thats awesome to listen to. He also has the Ristorante Mixtapes which blend several musical genres together perfectly into one mixtape.

He tragically passed away in early 2010 when he got into a car accident. But his music will live on forever.
Rest in beats Nujabes
by Roc18 August 26, 2010
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Nujabes Day is a term which refers to celebrating the Musical Artist Nujabes who died on the 26th of February 2010.
Now every year on that date we celebrate him by listening to his music. watching some of the animes his music was in and many other things.
Friend: "Yo what are you gonna do for Nujabes Day?"
Me:"Probably Just Listen To His Music and Watch Samurai Champloo."
by Artemis_XZY June 10, 2021
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