1. Surviving on the bare minimum of what you need to live.

2. An active RuneScape clan with well over a hundred members and 35+ level 100's.
I'm barely subsisting on these supplies we have here...

Hey look, it's Clan Subsistence! They're going to destroy us in a clan war!
by ygfbv April 5, 2011
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1. condition of managing to stay alive: the condition of being or managing to stay alive, especially when there is barely enough food or money for survival

2. continuing to exist: the condition of continuing to exist

3. mathematics philosophy quality of abstract existence: the quality that something possesses of existing independently, timelessly, or by virtue of its essence
finding ways of subsistence..
by Waqas_luqman November 20, 2010
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1)To eat a relatviely narrow range of food choices at weird hours and with weird people. All the good foods are not eaten, and instead are replaced with crap foods.
2) To practice a dietary regimen that leaves one short and surly, with a ghetto booty parted in the middle by a range of thong underwear
'I subsist!'
'Are you fucking crazy? A bagel with salad dressing is NOT food.'
by El Gigante March 26, 2003
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When someone farts just enough for only the farter to smell it, and no one else.

Similar to subsistence farming, but related to passing gas and not raising crops.
Person A: *frrt*

Person B: Did you just fart? Why don't I smell it?

Person A: I guess only I can smell it.

Person B: Thank you for subsistence farting!
by tinkarink December 12, 2021
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Agriculture that provides food to the farmer and his/her family, with little or no product for trade. The practitioners are very susceptible to famine.
The Ethiopian practice of subsistence farming, is almost suicidal.
by Cunty Fresh Fanatic November 11, 2010
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Any business with a lax business model, allowing only for the owner(s) to maintain a middle-class or lower lifestyle. Sometimes dishonest practices including but not limited to: tax evasion, insurance fraud, and forced child labor; are utilized to keep the business profitable.
Most mom and pop stores are subsistence businesses. Notice how they whine about the local Walmart, yet hypocritically resell Walmart products in their stores.
by Cunty Fresh Fanatic November 11, 2010
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Obviously the term for sleeping with someone you don't want a long term relationship with, but find necessary to keep yourself in hormonal harmony
Howeigh found Davey's personality to be utterly reprehensible but continued to use him as a source of subsistence nookie.
by Quinmill August 7, 2008
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