A country that never been colonized by any country in the world. It's a country that defeated Italian fascist,turkey ... etc. A country where coffee bean first found, the world's second country to accept Christianity, a black country which many European country hate it cuz they bit a s***t out of those invaders, a country where you find the most beautiful women that a human mind can imagine ,a place where the air itself would be inhaled like food unlike most people think - desert, a home of 79 million people , the land of the braves, a country which its names stated more than 13 times in the bible , and so on and on.... Wikipedia ethiopia and know the fact more. So please don't be an echo find the true history doing your own good research.
by Ethiopia - the promise land August 20, 2009
Most people don’t know this, but jews are an african race, they’re legitimately of black origin.
All jews are technically ethiopian jews because the first jews were all from ethiopia.
I've just had the 4 minute warning, I'd better go and drop some Ethiopian paratroopers off at the pool otherwise I'm going to soil my strides.
by BobtheBlacksmith July 17, 2010
A saying that is sarcastic. When a friend/someone says something really lucky, the response would be something along the lines of oh yeah, i saw a full ethiopian the other day too.

An oxymoron.
A: Damn, i just found out that im getting a new 2010 lambo for free!
B: Yea, and i saw a full ethiopian today at the mall.

A: "Hey look it says gullible on the ceiling."
B: "Hey look its a full ethiopian. im not that fucking stupid."
by Niqqawithaq June 18, 2010
They have it so much harder than the rest of Africa. They're practically Indian because all they're parents care about are GRADES. If they get lower than B+ BAM THEY ARE SCRWEDDDDD. Ethiopia is so different from the rest of Africa.
Ethiopian Kids: Hey tom i got whopped last night.
Indian: Omg samee my parents were pissed at my grades.
Asian: I got beat too, my parents were mad at my A-
White kid: yea...I got my blackberry and Iphone 4 and Ipad taken away... I'm really sad..
Ethiopian, Indian and Asian: SHUT UP WHITE BOY
by Hannagurlxx April 28, 2011
a Ethiopian Smoker is a term used to describe a fart that is so horrifyingly bad to smell the person who ushered it into existence can smell the fart in full detail comparing to the smell of a 3rd world country hence the term "Ethiopian Smoker"
"I swear to god if one more kid in this class does an Ethiopian Smoker I am leaving the class."

"hey did you hear about Johnny? he is in the hospital because he had a horrible Ethiopian Smoker."

"did you know Communist countries use Ethiopian Smokers as a form of torture?"
by African Wantiki January 23, 2017