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dude 1: Ellen Page is so snorgtees chic. I get so hard from watching her.

dude 2: She's in her twenties.

dude 1: Twenties, ill. I'll stick to iCarly.
by Cunty Fresh Fanatic November 7, 2010
A hypothetical sex act purportedly invented by comedian/orator/cunt addict Bill Maher, in which prostaglandins (vaginal dilators) are administered to a woman, while a man wearing a nasal respirator (to allow use of mouth) shoves his head into the dilated vagina, and orally stimulates the Gräfenburg Spot (G-spot) until the woman orgasms. Comedienne/actress Sarah Silverman is allegedly the first woman to have received the first Bill Maher Head Slam, thus no prostaglandins would have been needed. No proof yet exists of it ever happening, and shouldn't be preformed without a licensed obstetrician or Bill Maher present.
conservative man: What would you like me to do honey.

liberal woman: I want a Bill Maher Head Slam. (Woman explains the sex act.)

conservative man: Aww sick! I'll just give you a rim job, I'm still a recovering homosexual. This transition is rough enough.

(Lame sex ensues. Nobody cums.)
by Cunty Fresh Fanatic November 11, 2010
When two lesbian tweens scissor each other, with a pedophile's face in between their crotches.
pedophile 1: I wish iCarly and her co-star would give me a tweenwich.

pedophile 2: I wish I could watch.

pedophile 1: You're into adults too? You fucking sickie.
by Cunty Fresh Fanatic May 31, 2011
Agriculture that provides food to the farmer and his/her family, with little or no product for trade. The practitioners are very susceptible to famine.
The Ethiopian practice of subsistence farming, is almost suicidal.
by Cunty Fresh Fanatic November 11, 2010
Opposite of a speditor. Any contributor to the Urban Dictionary, that adds their inside jokes, crushes names, their own name, et cetera, to the UD. This bullshit ends up pissing off us editors, and slowing the editing process down.
editor: Motherfucking spedtributor! Ugh.

Clicks on "Don't Publish" button.
by Cunty Fresh Fanatic November 20, 2010
The talentless speditors that constantly complain in the Urban Dictionary forums, about the humorous entries to the UD. They consider any sex act other than reproductive intercourse, sexual violence.
whineditor: We must stop all of the sexually violent definitions in UD... Did you ever here of an Alabama Hot Pocket or a Cleveland Steamer occuring to anyone.
by Cunty Fresh Fanatic November 15, 2010
The shocking phenomenon, in which the slightest pressure upon an unaroused man's testicles causes pain. Yet during sexual arousal, the testicles can take repetitive strikes painlessly and/or pleasurably.
Woman strikes man with pillow in balls. He falls to ground in fetal position moaning in agony.

Woman feels bad, decides to break him a piece of ass. He fucks all three hole's like a human jackhammer, all night long.

Woman experienced the testicle paradox.
by Cunty Fresh Fanatic November 9, 2010