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Stylin or styling is a verb used to describe something being done with style and elegance

It's a synonym to finessing but the main DIFFERENCE is that styling has more to do with clothes and food
1: 270s on my feet, Adidas socks, redbat shorts, SGOD tshirt and a ellesse bucket hat
Jeeez im styling and this fit cost less then a supreme hoodie
by TF'ingBoiHimself September 30, 2020
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When you meet with someone without anyone knowing except you and the person.
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1. (sti-lin) slang. meaning looking good or in fashion.

2. (stiii-lin) slang. to lie, con, bluff, play or simply get-over on someone.
1. Those new Air Force Ones you got be stylin!

2. This Rolex ain't for real, you stylin!
by tom mcparland June 17, 2007
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This definition arose from the infamous Youtube between two battle rappers ENJ & NIKS. The guy who got punched in the face proclaimed, before he got dropped "Oh you mad cus im stylin' on you", hence forth it has been a powerful movement.

Some people claim it was first used by Biggie however, in the 21st century, it will always known as this.
by Multiplexed December 23, 2006
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1. Word to describe something that's nice (usually clothing)
2. Word to describe someone who looks good
1. "mann, that's stylin'!"
2. "I'd look stylin'!"
by Ally White August 29, 2003
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