You're the Man. Used to indicate that individual has exhibited the qualities of someone who knows their shit or is capable of coming through for another.
The show was sold out and you still got tickets. You da!
by WZ May 31, 2007
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You're the man, with the article "the" shortened to da in an ebonic style.

Usually it shows admiration from the person who say it towards the person to whom the sentence is intended.
(person 1): I got that girl's phone number.
(person 2): You da man!

(person 1): Hey, can you lend me 10 bucks?
(person 2): Yes, here they are.
(parson 1): Oh man, thank you, you da man!
by Vanalli October 23, 2007
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"...and I told him, don't you be taking my cheese fries, son."
"You go girl, you da miss!"
by cmalkow June 13, 2007
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Ultimate insult to a woman, usually said quite fast in an argument
"Oi, Samantha Kovacs-Wilks... You da mole."
by exclusive101 September 16, 2009
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Similar to the terms "you 're the sh**", "you da shizzle" or "we cool dawg".
About as scatological as the original phrase but cleaning it up for those who rarely swear, if at all.

Generally reserved for some/anyone who's helped in a big way or has done something cool for one or a bunch of people.

Meaning: "you're too cool" or a similar phrase relating to coolness.
dude1: yo, you made all those orders?

dude2: fo shizzle, man

dude1: pound it. You da poop.
by Mr. $mithers January 19, 2011
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Question: Are you gay?

in Transporter 3
Frank Martin: Has it ever occurred to you that I'm not in the mood

Valentina: come on!

Frank Martin: ..No

Valentina: ooh...

Valentina: You da GAY?
by Huyisthatsohardtopronouneshiet November 29, 2008
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A really popular phrase used by asian youtube star mychonny as a sexual pick up line.
Maybe he say, maybe he say, 'Hey angel, you da sexay,' maybe he a little corny, maybe he a little bit, horny
by Anhpho July 11, 2010
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