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A prestigous public high school in the TriBeCa area of New York City requiring an entrance examination also used by Bronx Science and Brooklyn Tech, taken by over 20,000 students with the top 800 or so being accepted to stuyvesant. Students are often characterized by drug usage, lack of
sleep, nerdiness, high SAT scores and physical dependency upon escalators.
"Yo, you go to stuy?"
"You's a nerd."
"What'd you get on the SAT?"
"Word. What's the integral of tan(x)?"
"-log(cos(x)). duh."
by automator April 12, 2004
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1. most corrupt mayor of New Amsterdam (old NY)

2. smart ppl school with 3,000 students, 5 million of them are asian, 4 million are russian, 2 mil. are jews, and 3 are black or latino.

3. Biggest concentration of drugs in the Western Hemisphere.
Hey man, where'd you get all this weed and hash?
This kid in my calc class wants a new laptop.
You go to stuyvesant man?
Pick me up some heroin next time, eh?
by cipher June 18, 2004
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A great, somewhat well-endowed high school in New York City; generally considered to be the best public education one can receive in the city. Students are required to score above a certain cutoff on a multiple-choice entrance exam to get in. Contents of the exam are fairly similar to those of an IQ test, if you look at it cynically. Because of its location in NYC, the student population is very diverse, but students do tend to clump together in cliques, though not very heavily. The success of the school is primarily driven by the bright, over-achieving (to the point of masochism) students. The teachers varied, but many, if not most, are mediocre to average. The school is well funded for an urban New York school ($12 million a year at this time), but that amount is meager compared to other schools of its class, like Thomas Jefferson.

Common myths/misconceptions:

1. They're all super genius nerds.
Around 600 to 1000 students are admitted each year. These are going to be pretty bright kids, and it does include the very top slice of the students in NYC... but do you really think all 800 kids born in the same year, living in NYC, are all Einsteins?

2. Everyone does drugs there.
There are a lot of people who do drugs at Stuy, but not disproportionally more than at any other high school.

3. Everyone's stuck-up.
And there aren't any of those people in your school? Obviously, there are some arrogant people, but most of the population is accepting and intelligent.

4. No one has a social life.
You don't go to the school. Stuy kids party HAHD.

5. You get like six hours of homework every day.
You do get a crapload of homework, and some juniors do have six hours of it, but most are simply overachievers. They find their own stuff to do. If you come home at 9PM after building robots and then write a school newspaper article (and LIKED IT), you wouldn't sleep a lot either.

6. Everyone's Asian.
There are a lot of Asians, but they are neither the majority, nor are they unfriendly.

7. Everyone is ultra-competitive.
There are definitely college jerks: self-serving delusional beings who are not averse to back-stabbing friends and sucking up on artificial and insignificant hierarchies. There are definitely brown-nosers, and people who will use friendships to leverage themselves into "leadership" positions or to copy homeworks. However, most of the kids are nice people whose parents forced them into Stuy.

8. Everyone is a rich snob.
People scored well on a math and reading exam to get in. Having buttloads of money doesn't help anyone at Stuy.

Regardless of race or financial status, Stuy students have a sense of "we're all in this together"-ness. Getting an education at Stuy is a lot like getting hazed for four years: everyone has to do it to graduate, and it feels like you're part of some special group when it's over.

Ripped a lot of this off from Thomas Jefferson's page. TJ is like Stuy's rival school in Math and CS, but both on both sides of that will tell you that one's so much better than the other that there is no rivalry.
A: Hey man, you go to Stuyvesant?
B: Yeah.
A: You think you're so slick and smart, gonna be my boss one day or something, jerk?
A: No man, I just want to get my work done and get some sleep. It's not easy being in Stuy, you know?

C: What's up with these Stuy kids wanting to be all cool and gangster?
D: Haha, yeah, it's really lame. They're talking about how this guy got jumped and had his bookbag stolen so he had to stay up until 4AM making up homework. That's just sad.
C: Only at Stuy...
by Xo W. September 13, 2008
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uber school for the intellectually gifted, but doesnt necessarily mean the students are street smart b/c the sixth floor is always crowded with dirks who play Magic and have no girlfriends.
About 3 hot guys and 3,000 ugly ones...HELL for the single girl.
by Olive August 31, 2004
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school that has their own cool big ass theater...wunna go there but like yeaa...need a 999999 average...
by litt0-x-aZn-x-bebe March 20, 2004
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Not nearly as good as Hunter. Compare the accolades and college admissions numbers for each and Stuy comes up short. Hunter College High School comes up less often in discussions of competitive NYC schools because the student population is relatively small and because it is not administered by the New York City Department of Education (the primary enablers of the crack cocaine epidemic). Give the place a good once over and you'll think twice about sending your kids there.
Jamal wasn't excepted to Hunter in the 7th grade so he took a shot at Stuyvesant two years later and did just fine.
by andrewgreen June 27, 2009
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not all what its hyped up to be... ugly ass bitches n some fucked up guys.
...... do we really need one?
by aj September 01, 2004
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