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to casually turn your head towards a person of interest, then - with eyebrows raised - quickly and surreptiously (or blatantly, if you want to obvious about it) flick your eyes from their head down to their feet.

basically, checking someone out whether you find them attractive or not.
John gave the girl entering the party the once over.
by Shana P July 30, 2005
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A nose-swab-fetish developed from this, because we, as humans, ruin everything.
“Oh fuck yeah, swab my nussy”

Sir, please, I went to medical school

by Pogoextreme December 25, 2020
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(n) a sweeping glance down and up the body of an attractive person
(v) "to give one the once-over." to check out someone you find attractive by quickly looking them down and up, usually from a distance, head to toe. can be done discreetly or more obviously, by smiling or raising the eyebrows upon giving the subject of one's interest the once-over.
"just give him the old once-over, he'll know you're interested."
"i saw you giving her the once-over. don't you think she's cute?"
by 83 October 22, 2005
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1. A rushed, no-frills sexual act, by one's self or with another person(s), with the intent of climaxing as quickly as possible, once, and then immediately ceasing any further sexual activity.
2. A very quick shower.
3. #1 during #2, also known as a Once (Once-Over) Over, or a Once-Over squared.
"I'm super horny, but need to start getting ready for work soon. Can we have a once-over?" "Dang I can't seem to relax, better give myself a once-over." "I know we need to leave soon, but I need a once-over first... I stink!" "Can we have a once-over during our once-over?"
by Sheppleby August 26, 2016
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Brief glance in their general direction, be it due to a distraction they caused (that you don't find important), they're just somebody in the way of what you're searching, or they irritate you and you flash them a look of disgust.

Doing a once over on a criminal is not enough to get a detailed description to a police detective.
You're in a crowded hallway. You're looking for your friend. You look to your left, than to your right. There's no sign of him/her. That's a once-over.

"So, did you get a good look at the criminal?"
"Well, not really. I mean... he was ... male. And... erm... flat chested."
"That's the best you can do? Reports of other victims say you glanced in the his direction before he had his mask on."
"I just did a once over, man!"
"... A what?"

So now I put it on UD. Now I can tell the next person who asks, to look it up.
by ~The Nameless One~ September 16, 2005
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