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chinese rapper who is like an excellent rapper. ^-^
jin hay jut gaw lang jai =P
by litt0-x-aZn-x-bebe February 04, 2004

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Best anime ever made. A great anime about a funny guy named Rurouni Kenshin. BEST seen not on Cartton Network because it doesn't show it better than regular Japanese anime version. (he says oro funnier) Kenshin is cute and he is sometimes serious but also funny. Hate the last movie...he he he...*sobs* d-d-d-dies!! WAAHHH!!
@_@x <<kenshin wen oro-ing
^_^x <<typical kenshin smile
-_-x" <<kenshin sweatdropping
by litt0-x-aZn-x-bebe November 25, 2003

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One of the best and funny anime in history. Marie-chan is my favorite charecter. Along with Miku-san. ^_~
Quote from show:

Maku- Don't you find it strange? It even has a float!

Marie- ?
by litt0-x-aZn-x-bebe November 25, 2003

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school that has their own cool big ass theater...wunna go there but like yeaa...need a 999999 average...
stuy owns you
by litt0-x-aZn-x-bebe March 20, 2004

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