A school completely devoid of African American Brothers.
Look at that kid. He is not an African American Brother.
by ben December 21, 2004
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Brooklyn Tech.<Bronx Sci.<Stuy.
1)Overachieving asian kid who doesn't work at all, but gets into MIT. i.e. korean girls who live in queens.
98% of stuy. = asian
1.7% = part asian
.3% = indians and white affirmative actions.
"White kids who get GPA's of under 3.7 and got a 1050 on their SAT go to Brooklyn Tech. Cal Techs my safety... yeah. You got a 1300 on the SAT? Whatever... what did you get on the math sec? 780? What are you retarded? Don't even apply. Yeah, kill yourself."
by Kevin Chan April 08, 2004
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Short for Stuyvesant High School. Just a tip, the school is so competitive that only getting (A-) average by junior year might make you consider whether or not you should "fight-or-flight". Also, a significant minority of high school age students suffer from loneliness -- you'd better watch out if you want a boyfriend/girlfriend this soon. Because a fake one can cause you to dropout when you should've just settled for lab partner. Focus on getting to the next higher-level exam.
The only reason I got in Stuy was because of test prep. Made cutoff score and nearly caught up with competition by time of junior-itis. I passed 2 AP tests with good marks before making the decision to leave.
by Tom.Tom.Tom May 01, 2021
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Nazi-Azn administrator that trolls the insanejustice.com forums. He thinks he's always right and puts shitty little Emo poems on his Xanga. He also goes raving in New York City with his homosexual pals.
Meh: Stuy, I don't like how you were making fun of him.
Stuy: SHUTUP! I don't care what you think and how dare you use my holy name in your posts?
Meh: Well didn't you just tell someone else to stop making fun of people?
Stuy: ENOUGH! Goodbye, enjoy your break!
by picard902 March 05, 2005
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A 'hood in the BK. That is, a neighborhood in Brooklyn, New York.

Short for Bedford-Stuyvesant. Only reporters call it that, especially when reporting news on gentrification or terrible murders.

Biggie Smalls, the Notorious B.I.G. was from Bed-Stuy.

It's pretty rough up there so it used to have the slogan:

A: Where do you live?
B: Bed-Stuy.
A: Oh. (slight terror)
by alice court May 26, 2009
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