A Starcraft map that is the precursor to DOTA (defense of the ancients) maps.
Eight years ago, I played Aeon of Strife on Starcraft, now i play DotA on WC 3.
by a someewhat smart guy October 24, 2009
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To help others who are having difficulty in a situation you are familiar with.
John, having been in a similar situation when he was a child, decided to strife-guard the boy who was too afraid to go down the slide.
by jmb0225 August 27, 2009
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A person who on the outside seems cool, confident and strong but on the inside is insecure, scared and doesn't know who he really is which inevitably leads to a severe breakdown and much needed self realization.
James: wow what happened to Randy??? I though he was such a strong dude!

Matt: Looks can be deceiving, he was a Cloud Strife this whole time, i really hope he figures things out!
by Captain Cowhand February 03, 2010
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Second strife is the anguish one feels when participating in Second Life and having no one to talk to but 14-year-old noobs with no life experience and who think that they are so cool because they have such a stylish but unoriginal avatar.
"I was on SL the other day and felt mega second strife. When will our species go extinct? WHEN???"
by gregjockca May 19, 2007
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