The main character of Final Fantasy 7. Spikey blonde hair and glowing, deep blue eyes. Begins as a mercenary who only works for money but is brought into the fight to save the planet when Sephiroth starts using him as a puppet. Tifa help him get his past straight and stands by his side, as well as the most unlikely group that he leads.
"You are.....a puppet"*Sephiroth/Jenova*
by Melissa Stoudt August 23, 2003
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Cloud Strife as I would like to put whether some like it or not is the ICON of the video gaming world. Final Fantasy VII has had such an Impact on gamers with it's graphics, story line which will be hard to beat for a very long time, and then there are the characters. Cloud Strife still till this day can make an impact on the gaming world as most have seen his appearance in Kingdom Hearts.
Example of the ICON, is now they are making a movie of Final Fantasy VII.
See IMPACT people.
by Collin MacIntyre January 20, 2004
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A stressful episode occuring in or involving deli produce
Deli-worker: "Hey boss, there's a fly in the fridge, I've dropped coffee on the floor and there's fifteen people wanting two slices of ham each. What should I do?!"

Deli-boss: "Leave me alone you useless twat! I can't deal with all this deli-strife today! I'm going for a fag."
by Markpj May 03, 2007
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the main character of the coolest video game ever: final fantasy 7.
"Let's mosey!" "Dang!!! again! can't you say move out or something cool like that?!" "umm... Move out!" - cloud strife and cid highwind
by Blitza Quadra April 13, 2003
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1) Former member of Soldier who became a mercenary, hired by Avalanche

2) Defeater of Sephiroth and Jehova

3) Capable of using very large swords, like the 'Buster Sword'

4) Has spikey yellow hair

5) Childhood friend of Tifa Lockheart
"But the planets dieing Cloud!" - Barret
by David Auger April 19, 2003
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1). when one is going through many hardships, or rough


2.) a synonym used often when one is talking about Thug Life indicating that the user of this word has recently been stressed.

3.) Can be used when explaining how hard it is to be a Thug.
1). Im sad because I have so much fa strife in my life.

2) "is it fa strife?"

3). "Im living the Thug Life, baby im hopless, fa strife."

4.). "What about your life?, Well what about ma strife?"
by Kadafi trained soldier October 13, 2009
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We pay our taxes so the government can pay the IRS employees to keep taxing. Ahhhhhh yes, the circle of strife continues.
by Jim Heuberger October 26, 2005
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